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Clinical Supervision

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Providing Clinical Supervision to professionals who engage in therapeutic and support roles,
Social Workers, Counsellors and others.

Experience supporting individuals and communities;

  • since 2006 in areas of Children and Families, Mental Health, Youth Work, Drug & Alcohol, Homelessness & Disability

  • specialising in counselling with children since 2013

  • founding and building private practice, specialist children's therapies in 2020​

Experience in supporting other professionals includes;

  • Working across challenging and complex practice environments in management, supervisory and board director roles

  • extensively trained with leading experts in neurobiology, trauma and psychological approaches

The Supervisory Approach

A professional with extensive experience in the industry, I am highly empathetic with well-developed emotional intelligence offering a sense of warmth, understanding, and compassion. Drawing from my personal and professional journey, I bring a unique perspective and profound understanding to the work. I am a strong advocate for societal change and dedicated to reducing stigma in the areas of; trauma-informed practices, neurodiversity, and mental health

The Supervision approach is is non-judgemental, authentic, productive and supportive while holding space within the professional ethical relationship and holding self care at the forefront. This includes reflection through case discussions, weaving in current and emerging clinical and theoretical underpinnings, and through a lens that is both ethical and mindful of organisational and/or funding barriers.  My commitment to personal development ensures I remain informed of the latest research and best practices in an ever changing environment.

My passion for supporting individuals is what led me to this industry and why I have continued on this path, I am passionate about creating meaningful change and inspiring other professionals in their journey towards the same goals, promoting the development of competence and confidence of supervisees. 

Outside of work, I prioritise self-care and well-being and strongly believe in the holistic approach of physical and mental wellness to support an overall balance and resilience in the work we do. Engaging in activities such as yoga and other exercise, mindfulness practices, gardening and craft assists me in cultivating a healthy and mindful lifestyle that fuels my creative energy and nurtures my soul.

Social Work Framework

Models of Practice with an emphasis on current functioning:

  • strengths-based anti-oppressive and feminist - core concepts of sex, gender, race, discrimination, equality, difference, and choice

  • crisis intervention - skills-based approaches including DBT

  • solution focussed, interpersonal and TF-CBT

Underpinned by theories:

  • Systems and Attachment (environmental factors)

  • Psychosocial (stages of inner conflict, trust vs mistrust)

  • Transpersonal (mindfulness/holistic, mind/body)

  • Supervision sessions are available on a regular basis with flexibility should the need arise between scheduled appointment to engage in support.

  • Please make contact regarding costs, offering a reduced fee for individuals who are are not receiving funding for supervision or in building their private practice. 

  • Please feel free to browse through this site or follow the social links below to learn more about my experience, approach and professional journey.

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